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We are very happy and grateful now that you have chosen MagnifiCARE Home Care to serve you!

We’ve been there and certainly understand. Imagine going through life’s challenges and trying to balance time with your wife, two kids (two and three years old), full time jobs, studying for certifications, and trying to start and run a business. Then BOOM you have to move your dad who struggles with mobility, has congenital scoliosis and Parkinson’s disease into your home and make sure he gets comfortable and quality care. How do you balance it? Well, we have your answer and want to assure you this is the right place. With our experience, we have been blessed to make sure “Grandpa” gets the best quality care with respect. He is very comfortable and feels safe at home.

We want to share our experience, passion and dedication to providing the absolute best in home care to family, friends and neighbors.

MagnifiCARE is a leader in client dedication, integrity and excellence in home care. Client care is our number one priority. By customizing your non-medical needs, a unique schedule is formulated to enhance a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. We are dedicated to providing an affordable alternative, which allows clients to remain in the comfort of their own home.


To be the leader in QUALITY and EXCELLENT Non-medical Home Care Services.


Provide AFFORDABLE QUALITY home care to those in need.


Adhere to the laws and principles governing the home care industry in Texas

  • Represent professionalism, reliability and honesty.
  • Ensure your caregiver matches your needs as closely as possible.
  • Preserve the quality of life.
  • Treat one another as we would like to be treated.

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Our services

  • Medication reminders
  • Light housekeeping.
  • Meals cooked with love.
  • Diet monitoring
  • Grocery & general shopping
  • Medication pick-up

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